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Hello Foodie friends,

We are getting closer to welcome Spring this year, so I am thinking of vibrant and colorful dishes to bring the sunshine in. This recipe is a creamy and tangy beet pasta dish. The pink velvety sauce is made from a mix of yogurt, cooked beets, some garlic, and lemon zest to add tanginess and brighten the sauce. This sauce ix mixed in with gluten free pasta for a perfect main or side dish. Then I topped it off sauce with crumbled feta cheese, toasted almonds and fresh parsley. Just delish.

What I like about this tasty sauce, is how versatile it is. I reserved a little bit and add more lemon juice and olive oil to make a salad dressing. Perfect over some greens and veggies. Although this dish is vegetarian, it can easy become vegan, if you substitute the greek yogurt and feta cheese for a vegan yogurt and feta cheese.

So, let's start cooking foodie friends!

Easy gluten free and vegetarian option topped with crunchy almonds, crumbled feta and fresh chopped parsley. Definitely, a vibrant and tasty option to celebrate spring.

The blend of the roasted beets, greek yogurt, lemon and garlic, makes this hot pink creamy sauce to mix in with your favorite pasta.

Now, let's start cooking and ELEVATE home cooked meals!



  • 8 oz of Gluten free pasta of choice

  • 1 small roasted or cooked beet (about 1/2 a cup)

  • 1/3 cup of yogurt

  • the zest of 1 lemon

  • 1 garlic clove

  • salt and pepper to taste


  • crumbled feta cheese

  • toasted slivered almonds

  • fresh parsley


First cook the pasta as per package instructionsIn blender combine, 1 small cooked beet, 1 garlic clove, the zest if 1 lemon, 1/3 cup of greek yogurtDrain the pasta but reserve a little of pasta water on the sideMix in the beet sauce. If you want to thin out sauce, simply add a little bit of pasta waterServe in a nice white platter and add garnishes: fresh crumbled feta cheese, chopped cilantro and toasted slivered almonds.


Let's Dishplayit together and ELEVATE. home cooked meals!

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